Oct 6 11 5:00 AM

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Although it is quite possible to lose weight without exercise, it is important to note that exercise not only speed up the weight loss, but also a positive impact on many other aspects of your physical and mental health. As the body reacts to eating the same amount of food every day, and our muscles are spending less and less energy if you constantly and daily work of the same exercise, which means that the effect of exercise alone weaker. Running, cycling, using a variety of equipment in the gym and try to practice as diverse as possible for maximum effect of your hard spilled sweat. So what you should do or what you should avoid??
Slow down
This last tip is not so much related to diet or exercise very much along the way that you need to look at weight loss and healthy living. If you are given unrealistically high goals and reach them, it will only cause frustration and very easy way to return all the pounds and bad habits which you are trying to solve. Hard and focused exercise and starvation that ends your triumphal new line after a few weeks it only happens in the movies; real people, not robots and should not be too hard on yourself.
Holiday vacation
Take a few months to lose those last five pounds, instead of frantically trying to take off in a week or two. In this way you will keep for months very good and healthy eating habits, and at the same time make a very gentle and pleasant transition to a new phase of your life. These are precisely the excellent foundations for long-term leanness and health. Good Luck!